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Hello Beautiful!

Are you ready to create an experience to feel more connected to yourself in the most meaningful and loving way? To create lasting memories and artwork to treasure throughout all the seasons of your life? I’m Angie and I’ll help your transform into and capture your sexiest, sassiest, and classiest self!

Photos give us powerful emotions that transport us immediately to the day, and the feeling we had when they were taken. They allow us to remember the who, what and where of the event.  The portraits of your beautiful unique look will show off your personality, increase your confidence, create inspiration, and be an experience you won’t ever forget.

“I met Angie at her studio while being filmed for a major event in my life that aired on TLC. It was also a Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend. I've done a boudoir shoot once before and it was not the greatest experience. Angie made it seamless, was very comforting, and genuine.” - Megan

Before I even pick up my camera, we’ll meet so you can talk about everything; your wishes, your worries and what you want to wear. I definitely want to accentuate your favorite features and I want you to feel confident and sexy during the ENTIRE shoot! We will also talk about HOW you want the photos to make you FEEL and if you are gifting them to someone else or keeping them all to yourself.

 “She is fun, personable, and outgoing. I had no idea what poses or outfits I wanted to wear and she was spot on. I could not ask for a better photographer. Thank you so much! If there were a rating higher than 5, this woman would get it!” -Taylor A.

Got a case of the Pre-Session Jitters? Fear NOT! I’ve captured the beauty of some of the most timid women I’ve ever met in my 11 years in the business. This means I take a gentle, encouraging approach while coaxing out your inner vixen! I’ll show you where and how to pose so that you don’t have to think about any of the little details. Having been on both sides of the camera for boudoir sessions has helped me understand even better what it’s like to experience the whole range of emotions.

Let me tell you a quick story. I recently had a boudoir session, and I was extremely nervous. I can tell you that even as a boudoir photographer I was nervous about my session. I was worried that we wouldn’t get all the poses I had floating around in my head. I was worried that I would forget an important piece of one of my outfits I had so carefully planned. No matter how confident and excited I was, I was also still nervous. BUT when I saw the images my TWO photographers had created (twice the cameras, twice the pressure!) I was so absolutely in love. Crazy as it sounds, I was shocked at how good I looked. Overall, I’m grateful for the perspective it gave me. It reminded me what my clients feel and gave me so many ideas to make their experience even better! 

It’s time to celebrate you!

If you are ready to experience this thrilling, enjoyable, and memorable experience, give me a call or click over to my contact me page and send a message. Let’s schedule a consultation and find out how we can unleash your sexiest, sassiest, classiest self!

-Angie D

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